Fosscomm 2009 day two @ ATEI of Larisa – Photos :)

An excellent Gentoo Presentation by Tampakrap and Comzeradd followed our Saturday’s Gentoo installation workshop on Sunday, marking the second and last day of this year’s Fosscomm.

Thanks are in order for all those great guys and gals who made this weekend special, the “ATEI of Larisa Linux Team” =]

Everything was well organized and planned out (ok, those pigeons were added value, but you have to admit they were funny :p) and I am sure everyone had a great time. I certainly did :D

A lot of pictures are now available from both days for your viewing pleasure. View them in picasa or click the photo on the left :)

Don’t forget to tag yourself so other people can find you :P

update: I have uploaded the full resolution JPEGs in for your viewing (and printing) pleasure.

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One Response to “Fosscomm 2009 day two @ ATEI of Larisa – Photos :)”

  1. comzeradd says:

    i think that the participation of the greek gentoo community on this conference was absolutely great :)

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