Fosscomm 2009 day one @ ATEI of Larisa

The first fosscomm day (in ATEI of Larisa) is over with great success 🙂

We (the gentoo team) hosted a workshop showing off gentoo’s installation process and portage features using the gentoo handbook as a guide. Time was limited and we didn’t manage to finish it, but I think we touched some people when we explained how portage and its USE flags work 🙂

Next up is a Gentoo presentation tomorrow. Comzeradd and Tampakrap will present the Gentoo Project, analyze its advantages and disadvantages and show off how easy it is to create an ebuild for a new package, or add a patch to an existing one 🙂

Videos from fosscomm’s presentations and workshops will be available shorty and I’ve also taken some pictures which I will upload tomorrow =]

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  1. Shiny 🙂

    I cant wait for the photos 🙂

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