new awesome version 3.3 rc3 – [gentoo] in wirelay

a new rc version of awesome, 3.3 rc3, has been released. lots of bugfixes and it also feels faster 🙂

I’ve created an ebuild based on the one in portage.

You can find it in my overlay, wirelay, masked.

for instructions on how to add wirelay to layman, check the Documentation in the overlay or this post:

Unfortunately this version requires stuff not in the main portage tree, so you’ll have to add the “x11” overlay

layman -a x11

I’ve also opened a bug in Gentoo’s bugtracker with the ebuild:

bug #270794 [ebuild] awesome-3.3_rc3

Lots of config changes in this version, so in my upcoming awesome+conky how-to I’ll give you two seperate config files =]

awesome 3.3_rc3 with conky-updated panels

awesome 3.3_rc3 with conky-updated panels

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10 Responses to “new awesome version 3.3 rc3 – [gentoo] in wirelay”

  1. Error323 says:

    I can't find awesome in your overlay?

  2. Error323 says:

    Ignore that post, I guess I just need to figure out how overlays work.

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