new home for my firefox extension, clear fields

Now that I have my own blog space (and google is crippling my googlepages account), I think its time to use this space as the homepage for my Clear Fields firefox extension.
So, from now on. this blog category, “clear fields” will host all news related to my extension 🙂

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4 Responses to “new home for my firefox extension, clear fields”

  1. Features to add…

    I Been looking for a ONE button that has all clear options…


    “Master Clear Button”

    1. Clear Address Bar
    2. Hide Url
    3. Clear Search (Google Search Box)
    4. Clear Text Field (Text box where cursor is current)
    5. Clear all Text Fields on page
    6. Clear Form History
    7. Clear Bookmark History
    8. Clear Download Manager
    9. Clear History
    10. Clear Cache

    Please can you Consider the idea.

    – Jason Thonpson

  2. Jim Zack says:

    Please make this work with Firefox 4

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