kde-testing overlay *renamed* – qt and kde status in gentoo

Today we renamed kde-testing back to kde in layman. You should remove and add the overlay again:

layman -d kde-testing; layman -L; layman -a kde;

In other news,

Qt 4.6.0 final was released by Nokia yesterday. You’ll find ebuilds in portage’s ~testing. If you’re using stable and want to try it out, make sure you keyword ALL the ebuilds, or you might get ugly blocks 🙂 A keyword file is available in qting-edge.

Upgrading world is the recommended way to go to avoid B blocks. If you don’t want to upgrade world, make sure your upgrade command includes all installed Qt modules or you will get blocks.

emerge -av1 $(qlist -IC x11-libs/qt\-)

Remember that “b” (lowercase b) blocks are automatically resolved by portage, just remove --pretend and proceed with the upgrade.

For those wondering, KDE 4 works fine with Qt 4.6 🙂

If you’re upgrading Qt from a previous version and your Qt apps misbehave, you should rebuild everything depending on Qt:

emerge -av1 $(for i in $(qlist -IC x11-libs/qt-); do equery -q d $i | grep -v 'x11-libs/qt-' | sed "s/^/=/"; done)

KDE 4.3.4 was also released yesterday, ebuilds are available in portage as usual 🙂

Lots of stuff to build, have fun!

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10 Responses to “kde-testing overlay *renamed* – qt and kde status in gentoo”

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  2. Anton says:

    Thank you for the great job! We are back to bleeding edge Gentoo again!

  3. chickaroo says:

    thanks! QT 4.6 upgrade went great except kde-base/smoke seems to fail. (confirmed by another user too) anyone else fail on smoke? –>

  4. […] kde-testing overlay *renamed* – qt and kde status in gentoo […]

  5. arekm says:
    and some other bugs at related to qt 4.6 don’t indicate “works fine” status.

    • wired says:

      That guy is using 4.3.69 super-alpha KDE! What did you expect?

      While it’s true you might need to rebuild everything that depends on Qt to get it to work right, several developers (and now users) are using 4.6 with KDE 4 successfully 🙂

  6. Marco Simeone says:

    I upgraded my system with the keyword list provided, then while rebuilding my Qt based packages, PyQt4-4.5.4-r4 failed to build due to sipconfig module. Keywording PyQt4-4.6.2, sip-4.9.2 and upgrading solved the issue. So, maybe, these packages should be added to that keyword list too.

  7. Bruce says:
    and some other bugs at related to qt 4.6 don’t indicate “works fine” status.

  8. Nikola says:

    Ahh, memories. Version Qt 4.6.0 was my first contact with Qt

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