2010, my new home

For the last few days, has been enjoying its new home, a VPS. Running Gentoo. Of-course 😉

A 24/7 remote box had been on my wish-list for some time and my shared-hosting 1-year contract was ending, when I discovered

They give you a VPS and let you do anything you want with it. They also provide you with a control panel that lets you tweak pretty much everything.

So I bought the cheapest one (360), created some partitions and booted it using a bootable image they provide (something similar to systemrescuecd).

I then downloaded the latest stage3, configured the base system and booted it using a kernel provided by linode.

Instead of compiling anything on the VPS, I decided to use binary packages to speed things up.

I have a bunch of chroots on my home box, one of them being stable-x-less. I cloned it, adjusted the use flags a bit and rsync’d all the binpackages to the VPS.

Now everything works great and I have a bunch of services running (http,email,znc,nagios,etc) 😉

Linode++ for the excellent service they provide 😉

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2 Responses to “, my new home”

  1. Jeremy Olexa says:

    I’ve recommended linode about a year ago now 🙂 Great service, yup. Nothing bad to say.

  2. TopperH says:

    I’ve been using a linode 360 running gentoo for a while, and I can say all the best about their service.

    Never had a downtime, or a problem of any kind.

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