confused about UTC time? solution inside!

Are you confused about UTC and timezones?
Have you missed a meeting because you miscalculated the proper time in your timezone?

No worries! I’ve written exactly the thing you need :p

Just use the following box!

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One Response to “confused about UTC time? solution inside!”

  1. James says:

    The conversion from UTC to Julliet (time in `whatever time zone I am currently in`) is trivial, given that you know the UTC-offset for Julliet, and the DST dates.

    This information is hidden in your tool, which limits its’ usefulness.

    A more useful approach would be :
    [Time of interest (current time by default), user-supplied]

    [Current time in UTC – auto-converted] + [UTC Offset of current location – auto-generated] + [DST Offset + Dates when applicable – auto-generated] == > [Local Time]

    Still, having used plain-html tools for this task in the past, this is far superior to them

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