Clear Fields 4.0.2 with support for Firefox 4.0 ready

UPDATE: there was a bug in 4.0.0 (of course) because I changed some function names just before releasing it.
Nothing too serious, you just couldn’t disable the in-field clear buttons :p
Thankfully I found it before it got approved in addons.mozilla.org,
but if you downloaded the extension from this blog, you may want to download again and update 🙂

UPDATE 2: The mozilla reviewers asked me to remove the popup greeting dialog,
so I replaced it with a web page that loads in a new tab.
This resulted in version 4.0.2. Current 4.0.x users don’t need to update.

Original post:
I finally found some time and updated my Clear Fields firefox extension to version 4.0.2.

Included in this version you’ll find:
– Support for Firefox 4.0 (yay!)
– New in-field clear buttons for the Address, Search and Find fields.
You can disable them from the Tools menu if you don’t like them.

The new version is approved and available at addons.mozilla.org.

If you have any issues with the extension please let me now in the comments or at wired@linuxized.com.
Make sure you include a list of other extensions you’re using, a screenshot of the issue and/or any errors reported in Tools -> Error Console.

Sorry for making you guys wait, enjoy 🙂

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13 Responses to “Clear Fields 4.0.2 with support for Firefox 4.0 ready”

  1. ingenious says:

    yay!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Vincent Ramos says:

    Thanks a lot. For me, it is the most useful extension for Firefox.

  3. Helen says:

    Great! Thanks!

  4. claus says:

    Thanks for updating for FF4 ! your extension is invaluable on Linux 🙂

  5. Bogo says:

    Hi, I also like the extension.
    BUT: After installing 4.0.2 nothing appears! No button, nothing in “Tools”-Menu….
    The extension is correctly installed (as I see in the add-ons-manager)
    I have FF 4.0, Windows XP (with all updates).
    Version 3.0.2 works for me absolutely ok under FF 4.0 (buttons on several menu-bars, entry under “tools”-menu) althought it says not to be compatible with FF 4……

    • wired says:

      Please try to completely remove the extension, restart the browser and install it again. If that fails, open the Javascript Error Console right after launching firefox (Tools -> Error Console) and send me a screenshot of any errors you see. I’d also like to know what other extensions you have installed so we can figure this out. Send everything to wired@linuxized.com.

  6. TitanOfOld says:

    Fantastic! I missed the clear button from Konqueror, too.

  7. Christian says:


    I have the same problem with clear fields 4.02 an Firefox/Linux x64.

    In the error console are some outputs. I think this is the relevant error:

    Fehler: Nicht definierte Entität
    Quelldatei: chrome://clearfields/content/clearfields.xul
    Zeile: 17, Spalte: 5


  8. nitin says:

    Waiting for Firefox 6 update of your extension

  9. Rodger says:

    Is there any way to have the clear button NOT show when no text is input in a field?
    I primarily use the extension, showing only in the search engine bar and it would be nice to have this ‘ability’, as is with every other text field in OSX. Using clearfields 4.0.3 in Firefox 7.01 under Lion 10.7.1

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