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  • Sep

    Clear Fields 4.1.0 with support for the new findbar in Firefox 25+

    So, it was pointed out to me that Firefox 25+ has a new, re-designed findbar that breaks my Clear Fields extension – naturally (thanks Luís). I guess I should be happy though, since this is the first incompatibility since Firefox 4 🙂 Support for this new findbar was a bit tricky, but in the end it works […]

  • Apr

    Clear Fields 4.0.2 with support for Firefox 4.0 ready

    UPDATE: there was a bug in 4.0.0 (of course) because I changed some function names just before releasing it. Nothing too serious, you just couldn’t disable the in-field clear buttons :p Thankfully I found it before it got approved in addons.mozilla.org, but if you downloaded the extension from this blog, you may want to download […]

  • Jun

    new home for my firefox extension, clear fields

    Now that I have my own blog space (and google is crippling my googlepages account), I think its time to use this space as the homepage for my Clear Fields firefox extension. So, from now on. this blog category, “clear fields” will host all news related to my extension 🙂

  • Jun

    firefox 3.5, clear fields extension :)

    I just updated my Clear Fields extension to support Firefox 3.5. It should be available shortly. if you don’t feel like waiting, click the following link to download it then drag the downloaded file in your firefox window: clearfields 3.0.2 with support for firefox 3.5 A lot of updates are still pending for my extension… […]

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