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  • Dec

    kde-testing overlay *renamed* – qt and kde status in gentoo

    Today we renamed kde-testing back to kde in layman. You should remove and add the overlay again: layman -d kde-testing; layman -L; layman -a kde; In other news, Qt 4.6.0 final was released by Nokia yesterday. You’ll find ebuilds in portage’s ~testing. If you’re using stable and want to try it out, make sure you […]

  • Aug

    kde 4.3 is here :) quick gentoo (upgrade) guide

    KDE 4.3 has arrived 😀 Lots of behind-the-scenes fixes, a new pretty (debatable) default plasma theme and various new stuff across the board make kde 4.3 an exciting release! Gentoo ebuilds were available the moment tarballs were released, thanks to the hard work of our Gentoo KDE team 😉 However, since 4.3 brings some new […]

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