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  • Dec

    uzbl – a terminal for the web – in gentoo :)

    I’ve been using firefox for too long. Its excellent vimperator extension has prevented me from switching to anything else, but it is beginning to show its age. Slow loading times, occasional crashes, horrible JS performance… Meet uzbl. Wordplay for usable. Its developers describe it as web interface tools which adhere to the unix philosophy. I […]

  • Nov

    Qt 4.6.0 rc1 – in portage – binary incompatibility warning!

    So… qt-*-4.6.0_rc1 is now in the portage tree, masked (since its not a final release) and you can begin testing your shiny Qt applications with it. But there’s a catch. 4.6.0_rc1 is not binary compatible with 4.6.0_beta1. [1] This means that if you’re upgrading from 4.6.0_beta1 you have to rebuild every single app depending on […]

  • Aug

    kde 4.3 is here :) quick gentoo (upgrade) guide

    KDE 4.3 has arrived 😀 Lots of behind-the-scenes fixes, a new pretty (debatable) default plasma theme and various new stuff across the board make kde 4.3 an exciting release! Gentoo ebuilds were available the moment tarballs were released, thanks to the hard work of our Gentoo KDE team 😉 However, since 4.3 brings some new […]

  • Jul

    gentoo ~testing, clean install, qt, kde 4, blocks, HELP! [fixed]

    UPDATE: All <qt-*-4.5.3:4 ebuilds were removed on Nov 11th, 2009, so this problem is now fixed 😉 So…… you’re trying to emerge kde 4 on your fresh ~ gentoo installation but strange blocks show up… stuff like [blocks B ] >x11-libs/qt-opengl-4.5.1-r9999 (“>x11-libs/qt-opengl-4.5.1-r9999” is blocking x11-libs/qt-gui-4.5.1-r2, x11-libs/qt-dbus-4.5.1) [blocks B ] >x11-libs/qt-webkit-4.5.1-r9999 (“>x11-libs/qt-webkit-4.5.1-r9999” is blocking x11-libs/qt-gui-4.5.1-r2, x11-libs/qt-dbus-4.5.1) […]

  • Jun

    upgrading Qt libraries in Gentoo with Portage

    So… you’re trying to merge a package but get weird blockers like [blocks B     ]  >x11-libs/qt-gui-4.4.2-r9999 (“>x11-libs/qt-gui-4.4.2-r9999” is blocking x11-libs/qt-xmlpatterns-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-script-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-dbus-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-sql-4.4.2-r1, x11-libs/qt-qt3support-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-svg-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-test-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-opengl-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-core-4.4.2-r2) [blocks B     ]    <x11-libs/qt-gui-4.5.1 (“<x11-libs/qt-gui-4.5.1” is blocking x11-libs/qt-opengl-4.5.1, x11-libs/qt-svg-4.5.1-r1, x11-libs/qt-script-4.5.1, x11-libs/qt-dbus-4.5.1, x11-libs/qt-xmlpatterns-4.5.1, x11-libs/qt-test-4.5.1, x11-libs/qt-qt3support-4.5.1, x11-libs/qt-sql-4.5.1, x11-libs/qt-core-4.5.1) this means that new Qt libraries are available and portage is […]

  • May

    kde 4.2.3 released, now available in gentoo =]

    KDE 4.2.3 was officially released today It’s already available in gentoo’s kde-testing overlay and will be added in portage’s tree really really soon 🙂 update: 4.2.3 is now in the portage tree =]

  • Apr

    Overlays and >=portage-2.2_rc29 – what to do when overlay stuff breaks only for you

    Recent versions of portage have brought some confusion with overlays and overriding eclasses. Due to QA issues, zmedico has decided to disable automatic eclass overrides from overlays. This means that if, for example, you’re using the “kde-testing” overlay, you’ll have to manually tell portage to use any updated eclasses available in the overlay. If you […]

  • Apr

    Private overlay… Eyes only!

    I now have my personal gentoo overlay over at github. For those not familiar with overlays, they are something like a “repository”. They allow you to add and use ebuilds out of the official portage tree. In my overlay, called “wirelay”, I usually add fixes from bugs.gentoo.org that I need which haven’t reached the tree […]

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