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  • May

    switching from gnu screen to tmux (updated)

    update #1: upstream accepted my patch, so the next tmux release will provide window-status-alert-{attr,fg,bg} 😉 Only difference is the use of alert instead of flagged. It sounds better anyway 😉 I’ll adjust my patch on 1.2 as well 🙂 update #2 [2010/05/17]: uploaded my updated config file, now using ` as my prefix key update […]

  • May

    new awesome version 3.3 rc3 – [gentoo] in wirelay

    a new rc version of awesome, 3.3 rc3, has been released. lots of bugfixes and it also feels faster 🙂 I’ve created an ebuild based on the one in portage. You can find it in my overlay, wirelay, masked. for instructions on how to add wirelay to layman, check the Documentation in the overlay or […]

  • Apr

    Private overlay… Eyes only!

    I now have my personal gentoo overlay over at github. For those not familiar with overlays, they are something like a “repository”. They allow you to add and use ebuilds out of the official portage tree. In my overlay, called “wirelay”, I usually add fixes from bugs.gentoo.org that I need which haven’t reached the tree […]

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